Vesey Automobility Services

 Swivel Seats 

Swivel seats are made to turn out of the car in order to assist a person who does not have the full use of their legs. This assists greatly in getting out of your motor vehicle. Swivel seats can also be fitted for both driv-er or passenger.

Hand Controls

Hand controls are for people who do not have the full use of their legs. Hand controls consist of a lever installed beside the steering wheel which connects to the accelerator and brake. So instead of using your foot, you can use your hand by using this lever. A keypad may also be fitted for changing your indicators, wipers and lights to make movement easier for people who find it difficult to move their hands.

Car Hoists

Car hoists are available in many different weights and sizes. A manual car hoist folds up neatly into your boot. This assists greatly in placing the wheel-chair in the boot.

Personal Hoists

A personal hoist may also be purchased to help lift a person in and out of the car, this helps reduce the risk of injury for the person in wheelchairs and the person assisting them. A personal hoist may also be dismantled and placed into the boot for comfort.

Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts

Wheelchair ramps and lifts are more suited to vans or mini vans and are not suitable for cars. They are fitted to the back of the van or the side door. These allow asses by persons in a wheelchairs in getting into their vehicle. For drivers in wheelchairs special clamps may be fitted to allow the person remain in their wheelchair while driving.

Extended Seat Runners

Seat runners may be extended if needed, this helps move the seat back further than a standard seat. The extension of the runners aid in giving a person more room to enter and exit the car.

Left Leg Accelerators

An accelerator may be moved to the left hand side if needed, to improve driving for a person with an artificial or injured right leg.

Dual Controls

We fit dual controls for driving schools on the passenger side. These can be eaisly moved to the boot and reattached when needed.


If any of the products I’ve mentioned here do not suit you and your needs, please give a ring as there are many other products available. The products mentioned here are just a few of the more popular choices available.

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NSAI Approved

All our products are NSAI Approved.